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How To Care For Gold Filled Jewelry

Caring for gold filled jewelry is relatively easy. You need to be aware of what may cause it to tarnish and give it a good clean when necessary. Gold filled jewelry is far more durable than gold plated jewelry but it will age at different rates depending on how you treat it. Wearing it on the beach for a week and slathering it in sunscreen is not wise; keeping it away from harsh substances and giving it a clean every now and again is!

Everyday maintenance of gold filled jewelry

  • Take off your gold filled jewelry at night and before you pop it on your bedside table give it it a gentle rub with an absorbent soft cotton cloth.
  • If you've been to the gym or at the beach then rinse your gold filled jewelry in warm water and then dry it with the same absorbent soft cloth.

What causes gold filled jewelry to tarnish?

  • Swimming pools and hot tubs... just don't do it! The chemicals used are harsh and will damage your gold filled jewelry. If you wear it accidentally clean it thoroughly as soon as possible, see below!
  • Working out... getting sweaty at the gym is not advised whilst wearing your jewelry; take it off! 
  • Cosmetics, cosmetics remover and sun lotion... Put your jewelry on last and take it off first. If you have a day at the beach and your jewelry ends up covered in sunscreen then give it a good scrub as soon as possible! 

How to do a deep clean of gold filled jewelry 

  • Fill a large bowl with warm water. As warm as is comfortable to keep you hands in is about right. Use a large serving bowl so it doesn't cool too quickly. 
  • Mix a teaspoon of Fairy liquid into the warm water thoroughly.
  • Pop your jewelry into the bowl and leave it to soak for 3 minutes.
  • Lift it out and place onto a soft towel, don't rinse yet!
  • Use a super soft toothbrush, and work your way gently across/along your gold filled jewelry making sure the bristles get into every nook and cranny.
  • Rinse under a running tap of warm water. Use about as hot as you can handle; it will help your jewelry dry quickly.
  • Place the jewelry back on your towel and use a soft cotton cloth the dry and thoroughly as possible. 
  • Leave overnight between two dry cotton cloths to dry perfectly. 

How to store gold filled jewelry 

First give it a clean and dry thoroughly, see instructions above! Then the key is to store your gold filled jewelry somewhere airtight, small Tupperware are perfect! Pop them in a small plastic bag first to stop tangles and then keep somewhere dry.