Note that in general, jewelry wears different for every individual. There are many factors such as pH levels, sweat acidity, oiliness and humidity that affects jewelry. When wearing your Petite Gold jewels every day, the jewelry comes in contact with the top layer of your skin which often has a lot of dirt, grime, sweat, oil, and other chemicals. Thus, over time, your jewelry may look darker or duller, and that is due to the many layers of dirt and chemicals that are transferred from the skin to your pieces.

To provide the best care for your jewelry, please read below as certain elements of life aggravate the tarnishing rate of any jewelry.


Wearing your Petite Gold pieces in the shower is perfectly fine. We recommend to use gentle soap when wearing your jewelry in the shower, as harsh ingredients and highly fragrant or toxic bath products can affect the wear of your piece.


You can wear your Petite Gold pieces to sleep. Do take care of longer necklaces as you may snag or potentially even break them if you are a restless sleeper.


Salt water can affect the wear of your jewelry, so be sure to give them a good rinse with clean freshwater water after having a dip in the ocean. 


Sweat is very acidic and can harm your jewelry. To prolong the life of it, always remove jewelry when doing any form of intense physical exercise.


Chlorine can greatly affect the wear time of your jewelry. We recommend taking your jewelry off when entering a chlorine pool.


Note that if your jewelry piece contains any organic gemstones such as pearls, we recommend to keep them away from water as much as possible. Try to avoid direct contact with non-water substances such as soaps, detergent, and perfumes as over time they can dull your pearls. 


Always put on jewelry last after perfumes and lotions have sunk onto the skin. When putting on lotion, remove all your rings and jewelry on body. Contact with chemicals in lotion will almost always aggravate the wear of your piece. Take your jewelry off once a month and clean them under warm water. Once they are dry, a good polish with a non-abrasive tarnishing cloth will restore the shine of the gold fill or sterling silver pieces back to their original state.


If you are not wearing your jewelry, store them in the provided Petite Gold pouch, out of the sun, and away from any dirty or moist environments. Alternatively, if you hang your pieces up or have your own organization system, that works perfectly well too! If they become exposed to moisture, dust, or sunlight for an exposed time, a healthy polish will do the trick in restoring the shine.  

I hope this was helpful for you and answered some of your questions on how to take care of your Petite Gold jewelry!